WoW Classic: What players need to do to reach a certain level

Blizzard Entertainment expressed its welcome and joy to fans returning to the World of Warcraft Classics. Here are some guidelines for players who don’t know what to do in the game.

In the classic version of World of Warcraft, the pursuit of level 60 is not only the prelude to the end of the game and the raid, but also applies to the retail version of World of Warcraft. This is part of the World of Warcraft journey and part of what makes your character unique. Level 40 is an important milestone for each intermediate player. You must admit that it has many wonderful two points that attract the attention of players.

For players at level 40, they may not be able to afford their own mounts, but at least now they have enough levels to train. Paladins and warlocks get a huge breakthrough here because their professional mounts don’t cost anything, while others need more than 100 WOW Classic Gold to pay for training and buying mounts. In addition to these two professions, your first mount will be based on your race and faction. The Alliance has large cats, horses, rams, and walking machines. If you want to ride a raptor, Kodo, wolf, or skeleton horse, then the Horde is your best choice.

Explore The Hinterlands

What players need to know is that the hinterland is officially divided into 41-49 levels, most of the available tasks are limited to this level, and will not be allowed to enter here if the players do not reach level 40 This is one of the most diverse areas in the game, with links to the foothills of Hillsbrad and the Plaguelands in the west.

Alliance players can visit Aerie Peak, one of the most beautiful cities in the game, and start missions related to Gryphon and Dwarven Legends. If the task is too difficult, WOW Classic Boosting can help you easily solve the current dilemma. And to provide you with the most intimate training services. Some of the last surviving high elves have a small base here, and even an entrance to the Emerald Dream in the north. This is where the Assault Road starts from the « Assault Training » area, which is connected to Zul’Gurub.


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