WOW: Warlock’s Unique Spell

    The Destruction Warlock is more suitable for those who have a temper, who are eager to seek and who are eager to seek. These warlocks are not too cold with slow, deadly shadows, preferring to destroy enemies with uncontrollable and dangerous evils. With the power of the Felfire Flame, they only need one or two powerful spells to completely destroy their opponents, but this also leads to a weaker sense of self-protection, and these chaotic spells are as simple and rude as their own temper. Find your enemy, walk over, say hello to him amicably, and then burn him – the whole process is done in one go, there is nothing more refreshing than this.


    Some Destruction Warlocks follow traditional tactics, hiding behind a solid demon. Other warlocks will choose a more lethal demon in exchange for the ability to quickly knock down the enemy. Some warlocks will even completely drain the summoned demons, sacrifice their protection in exchange for devastating destructive power, and try to kill the enemy before they hit them.

    The evil WOW Classic Gold magicians often have strong ambitions and leadership skills. These « scholars » are more obsessed with studying the essence of demons and looking for ways to fully control them. In general, warlocks are more vulnerable to weakness than ordinary people because of their learning of taboo spells. But the demon warlocks seem to have found a way to strengthen their connection with the devil, making their flesh relatively tougher. Some warlocks have mastered the ability to temporarily transform themselves into demons, but this dangerous spell was gradually abandoned by the warlocks after the catastrophic attempt by Canresad Eberlock in the Dark Harvest Council. Only the special rituals and transformations of Illidari have mastered this technology.

    The Demon Warlock is more « massive » than the other Warlocks. They can summon a more advanced, more demon than the common Warlock, and open a Portal that constantly summons the Devil and strengthens it. Demon soldier. They enjoy the thrill of domination and command, master a whole army of demons, and use their own power to make them more deadly.

    Signature spell

    Disasters – cursing the enemy with pain, causing great damage over time, and the longer the enemy lasts, the higher the damage.

    The end of the day – with the impending doom cursing the target, causing a lot of shadow damage over time.

    Corrosion – Deals continuous Shadow damage WOW Classic Gold For Sale the target.

    Sacrifice – Burns enemies and inflicts additional damage over time.

    Painful impermanence – first inflicts damage on the target, and then continues to cause Shadow damage.

    Ghostly entanglement – Deals a lot of Shadow damage to the target and increases the level

    The Eye of Kilrogg – Summon a magical eye under your control that can leave you far away for reconnaissance, and it is invisible, and others will not see it. After installing the glyphs, the eyes of Kilrogg can fly in the air, but they can’t be invisible.

    Summon Hell Warhorse – Create your own Hell Warhorse, which will make your actions much faster than walking. After installing the glyph, it can also take you on the water and leave a trail of burning.

    Slavery Demon – Slavery a target demonic for a while, you can use this ability to control a demonic and let it attack other monsters.

    Summoning Ceremony – Start a summoning ritual and summon a Demon’s Gate with your companions. Through it, you can summon other companions. Although the ritual of summoning the Devil’s Gate is initiated by the Warlock, the use of the summoned Demon’s Gate does not necessarily require the Warlock to participate.

    Devil Portal – Summon the Devil Portal that links the two locations. You and your companions can transfer between the portals, but the distance between them is very short and cannot cross certain obstacles.

Demon Circle – Summon a demonic squad, you can always go somewhere back to where the Devil’s Array is.

Draw life – continue to suck away the enemy’s life and use your life to fill your power.


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