You simply need the requirements to initiate a quest, but in order to RS gold start Children of Mah, you need to get to Koschei. Koschei appears in the Ritual Website (Need Ritual of this Mahjarrat) or at the Relleka cellar of this helm shop (Just after Koshei’s Troubles which also takes RotM). So I don’t know how I’m supposed to start this exploration that I desparately want for the lore and the ability to resist nightmares for slayer xp. Please halp!

It is Xau-Tak. While he has been making his way learning about him has actually given some answers to some lore. Just saying Zamorak was accountable for all the weirdness in Daemonheim never actually fit the bill because of his character. Zamorak has been using the location for a hideout, however, he is not responsible for its existence and nature.

Check.Lab later abandoned by Dragonkin and created? Check. This may have been where the scientists in the Dragonkin Lab obtained their black stone, though it might have simply been way out in Ulthven Kreath.Actively taints the areas ? Check.Portals connected between many worlds? Check.Manipulative whispering that appeals to the host’s desires in order to bend them and drive them insane? Mega check. You may even hear those whispers sometimes? The next time you’re dunging, pay attention to buy 2007 runescape gold what’s catching you at the animation.


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