Instead of going to the high-end mall, you can turn to Banjara Market if you are looking for something different and handmade decoration items, Banjara Market in Gurgaon is a place whereYou have people close to you without spending a lot of money buying or giving gifts.

Banjara Market is a roadside settlement in Gurgaon’s Sector-56, which is famous for its cheapest furniture in the entire Delhi-NCR region. The name Banjara is inspired by the nomadic tribe of Rajasthan by the same name, who have migrated from the city of Chittoor and made the place their permanent home for over 15 years.

It is the best place in Gurgaon to shop for home decor items, furniture, furnishings, photo frames, bar tables, utensils, stools of various sizes and much more at an affordable price. One can also customize these products as he wishes, such as experimenting with colors on products.

What can you buy at Banjara Market, Gurgaon?

Banjara Bazaar is famous for its cheap home decor items, starting with fancy vials, beds, antiques to cute little wall pieces. Honestly, I was personally impressed by the wide variety of products that you can see in just one place.

In fact, the decor pieces you find at Banjara Market are so exotic that I saw interior designers shopping from here. By the way, they also get good margins. But, here is one thing that you need to cross check. Since the items available in the Banjara Market are not made locally by people, make sure that you double check your piece before purchasing. I could also find some defective pieces.

How to reach Banjara Market, Gurgaon

Banjara Market is located in Sector 56, the nearest landmark is HP Petrol Pump Gurugram. Those coming from Delhi can board the Yellow Line and stop at Banjara Market, the nearest metro station, Huda City Center, and then take an auto. Or one can also get down at Sikandar Pur metro station, and then take Sector 54 Chowk Rapid Metro.

Types of Products in Banjara Market

For those who look for a place to shop for a house or apartment, and if you are a pro at bargain then this place is just for you!

It is a place to shop for the most beautiful antique material, ceramics and many other things in Gurgaon.

Some products in Banjara Bazaar Furniture Hub

Wooden furniture

Furnishing your home with the right furniture is a huge task. You can get different types of wooden furniture at this place.

Decorative Mirrors

The mirror is the most important thing in the house. This market has everything of its kind. Prices are very modest compared to any top class place. They have fancy full-length mirrors.


Boxes are a requirement of the home. Banjara Market has beautiful wooden carpeted boxes that will burn your house. They also have wooden trays in various shapes and sizes.


There has been so much effort to design and decorate a house and to add extra sparkle and personality to your dining room, bedroom, hallway that this market has lamps or wall markings.

You have everything about your needs in the market to store your jewelry or other jewelry.

What are the pricings at Banjara Market, Gurgaon?

You can expect to buy cheap things as Rs. 10 and it can go up to Rs. 20,000 / – depending on what you are buying. Honestly, the prices in the Banjara market of Gurgaon are really unpredictable, but please be aware. They don’t take anything for free, because they too need to survive.

You can get as many discounts as you like here and get discounts! It is a budget-friendly place and you can buy items for less than your budget. They also provide you with custom built products and all the jewelry is beautifully crafted by handmade.

They have everything of different sizes and shapes and you will definitely love this place. And goods are at much higher rates than in a classy place like a showroom or any other place and you cannot bargain.

More about Banjara Market

Banjara is a nomadic tribe that comes from the cultural state of Rajasthan. As the name itself suggests, these people are pilgrims and they sell the most cultural Rajasthani products in Gurgaon Sector 56.

The market is not only about wooden items, but they also offer brass, metal, plastic and commodities. Colorful small temples are available even with huge stolen plant pots and prices may vary depending on the size of the items.

Now comes the tricky part, which is the purchase of products. Generally, the owners quote their fixed price which can go to extremes but it can be adjusted if you have got bargaining power.


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