Today we will talk about the basic knowledge of the installation, commissioning and maintenance of computerized embroidery machines:

1. After the embroidery machine is in place, adjust the basic level, and fix and implement the four foot screws. The whole machine is stable and cannot be floated.

2. Tighten the mounting screws of the wire rack and not float to avoid resonance.

3. Check the external power supply. For the 380V power supply, check whether the neutral wire is in place and the ground wire is grounded.

4. Before starting the test run, remove all the debris on the table, check whether the embroidery confirmation light is on, whether the color-changing confirmation light (two) is on, whether the thread trimming and hooking proximity switch lights are on, and the parking position light (100° ) Is on. Clean the garbage during transportation, refuel, and use a special socket wrench to rotate the main shaft without jamming. Start debugging only after everything is normal.

5. For machine maintenance, dust, sand, thread ends and other garbage should be cleaned frequently. No debris should be placed on the table. The mechanical transmission part should be lubricated on time according to the regulations. The oil should be separated from the engine oil and the mechanical transmission part, and the white oil is added to the rotary hook and the machine. Thread parts, silicone oil and embroidery thread.

6. The working environment is best closed, keep the specified temperature and humidity, dust-proof and wind-proof. The electric fan cannot be used to prevent the embroidery thread from being blown up.

7. When loading and unloading the bottom thread, the bobbin should rotate clockwise in the bobbin case. When the bobbin is taken out from the bobbin case, the bobbin case cannot be knocked on the bed or hard ground to prevent the bobbin case from being deformed and causing the bottom thread to go out unsmoothly.

8. Refueling method: Do not refuel too much at a time to prevent contamination of the embroidery. It is best to use a special oiler to refuel, and wipe the surface with oil cloth for rust prevention.

If you want to know more, please continue to pay attention to us, a professional embroidery machine manufacturer.


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