The latest year will target new items and make a new ultimate challenge.

The Nightmare Imitation would be the core item of the year-Horror Misty. Without his support, the sport will seem uninteresting. Players can discover imitated shards within the startle and misty battles. As long as they collect 100 pieces from the mist, they are able to synthesize the nightmare idols. At this time, the virtual image will open a portal till you, and after entering the portal, you may challenge a final match-the startling and horrifying encounter.

In addition to your Nightmare Idol, you can find five new goods that can be used to alter the difficulty from the Horror. Using the foggy POE Orbs on the map with the outer world can control the intensity with the foggy horror. One orb might make the entire map right into a country of foggy horror inside of a certain some time to generate a far more difficult encounter. If the player gathers 5 orbs, the map may be upgraded to ultimate difficulty and ultimate rewards.

Right-click the product, and left-click inside the pop-up menu bar make use of it. You can use the currency-fog orb in the spotlight. However, each map could only use a maximum of five. Updating new talents and skills would be the normal operation on the Road to Exile in the spring. In the S11 season, putting cluster jewels within the outer jewel slot in the talent tree can expand the talent tree. It can also make affixes and strengthen the resulting talents. It gains the capacity from 280 new core talents, and in some cases connects additional talents on the inner ring. Slot. It is worth mentioning that most monsters will drop the cluster POE Chaos Orb in the year, which can be very obvious for BD customization.

In the spring, you can find 4 sorts of skill stones and 3 kinds of auxiliary gems updated. Among them, certain skill effects have multiple forms, and flying arrows are long-range skills with split characteristics. The gameplay with the season will likely provide players which has a large number of new POE Trade Currency and destiny cards to face the difficult battles in the year. These items not simply fit the theme in the season, and also further increase the player’s combat effectiveness. Also get more Path of Exile Currency.

As the preview version on the highly anticipated version of « The Road to Exile », the S11 season update remains to be remarkable. Cthulhu elements could be seen everywhere to make the action closer on the theme of dark. Of course, more intense battles keep challenge the top of the limit of players. Now the year has been officially updated, and interested players is going and feel it.


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