Generally speaking, adjustable desk converters are mainly used in high-end conference halls, advanced multimedia network systems, offices, school classrooms and other occasions. Make full use of the space below the desktop, hide the host and display under the table at the same time, you can trigger the controller when you need to use it, the display automatically flips to 105 degrees, you can adjust the angle of the display screen to facilitate viewing at any time according to the vision; trigger the controller when not in use , The LCD screen can be automatically flipped and retracted to the bottom of the table to prevent dust, theft and moisture, and keep the desktop clean and beautiful. It can be controlled collectively by a centralized controller, or single-screen control and remote control. Such a high-end, intelligent and simple one can be distinguished from broad categories. Adjustable desk converters are mainly divided into manual flips and intelligent electric flips.

The intelligent electric adjustable desk converter is divided into three categories in design.

1. A complete set of flippers with ultra-thin screen, keyboard and mouse; it can be used with only a computer host, which is very convenient and high-end and beautiful. After folding, the display, keyboard and mouse are hidden to flip Inside the device.

2. With ultra-thin screen flipper, this type does not contain keyboard and mouse. If there is only one computer host in a conference room and you want to achieve a unified picture, then this is the most suitable, which can save unnecessary keyboards and The cost of the mouse can achieve high-end and beautiful effects.

3. Simple flipper. The advantage of this type is that you can flexibly choose your favorite brand display screen as a complete set. As long as the installation conditions are met, any brand can be installed. From the material, it is divided into two categories: 1. Aluminum wire drawing material, 2. Carbon steel material. Whether it is a different design or a different material, automatic tv lift will constitute the price difference of the product.


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