World of Warcraft: annual charity event

If the player is playing World of Warcraft this weekend, chances are that a bunch of pink gnomes will come to you. Please don’t worry, these gnomes will not harm your character in the game. This group of gnomes will surround you, this is World of Warcraft’s annual player-sponsored event, players can choose a gnome and roll it all the way from Gnomeregan to Booty Bay, in order to raise awareness of breast cancer, and To raise funds. The annual public welfare competition is to hope that people can care more about the common diseases around them.

The “Gnomish Tour” organized by Dravvie raised funds for the charity, The Pink Fund, a charity that provides breast cancer patients with financial assistance from housing to health insurance. Like the competition, players can choose to donate here, and in 2017, the event raised more than $16,000.

Since 2017, Blizzard has arranged a micro holiday on each server and cheered on the npcs, although the players’ events are only on the Scarlet Crusade-Feathermoon, so if the players want to participate in many games. If you are, then join in! The event will be held at 7pm Eastern Time on October 12th. For more events, go to and check and purchase the right amount of World of Warcraft gold coins to keep you going smoothly in the game.

Today, World of Warcraft has spawned two versions, the normal version and the classic version. If the classic version of the player wants to participate in these activities, it is recommended to participate in the Bloodsail Buccaneers server, you can even compete in the time between the two games, because the classic version of the game to go to the evening of October 19, US Eastern Time 7 The point will start. The classic version of the game line can be cumbersome and tricky. The classic version of the game will not start until 7 pm EST on October 19th.FFWOW is a supplier of World of Warcraft gold. Players place orders here, we can deliver quickly, to avoid players waiting too long in the game.

Dravvie recommends appearing as early as possible so that you can get an invitation from the guild, or you can go to the Discord channel that is planning the competition and get an invitation soon.


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