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    New Year’s Day in 2021 falls on Wednesday 1st January, marking the first day of the year on the Gregorian and Julian calendar. It is going to be the most celebrated day of the calendar, observed with fireworks, parties, entertainment shows, and by making New Year resolutions and sending happy new year wishes to loved ones.

    When is New Year 2021?
    Wednesday, January 1, marks New Year 2021. It is a leap year, with 366 days in total. The period will start a minute after 11:59 pm (the moment the clock strikes 12:00 am) on the midnight of 31st December 2020. The first day of 2021, will be celebrated with great enthusiasm and marked with mega-celebrations across the globe.

    Happy New Year Wishes Greetings Messages
    With the arrival of this New year may you’re blessed with a long and healthier life. May all of the happiness of the world come and bow before you.
    May this brand new year bring you health, wealth, success, joy and intense joy.
    As you wake up this new morning, I hope you like the crisp fresh air filled with bright sunshine and enjoy the sound of chirping birds. May each dawn of the brand new year be bright and unique.
    My desire for you this Happy New Year 2021 wishes is that you’re healthy, happy, and loved and admired each and each and every moment.