New S11 Season Gameplay [Nightmare Simulation]

You will find the nightmare mimicry shards by digging deep to the « Frightened Misty ». With a sufficient variety of nightmare mimicry slivers, you may open the « Frightened Misty » portal. In addition, the nightmare orb may be used to control the power of the startling fog in the spotlight of the outer world. Five orbs (as much as five) offer a map the greatest difficulty and ultimate reward. The five orbs are: Moist Orb of Currency (after use, it enable you to reward currency for example POE Currency, equipment, items, armor), Mist Orb of Essence (reward essence), Foss Mist orb (reward fossil), Mist Orb of Maps (reward map), Mist Orb of Legends (reward legendary items).

New items appearing from the S11 season

Talent expansion. Putting cluster jewels inside outer jewel slot in the talent tree can expand the talent tree. You can also create affixes and strengthen the resulting talents. You can gain the capacity from 280 new core talents, as well as connect additional talents to your inner ring. Slot. In the S11 season, all monsters will drop cluster jewelry. This is the most crucial improvement for the custom BD following your introduction with the sublimation profession! Also added four skill gems and three auxiliary orbs. Not only that, but in addition a lot of new destiny cards and legendary POE Items.

Outside world change

In this season’s map in the outside world, the primary picture: Conqueror encounter. The second picture: no encounter but progress. The third picture: Conqueror encounter. The fourth picture: no encounter but progress. Fifth picture: Conqueror encounter. After you have explored all 5 maps, you may hit the conqueror. At the same time, the sextant is usually updated and upgraded.


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