The highly operable talent tree, the lively multiplayer atmosphere, along with the delicate equipment system all make us check out pursuit of your production team.

In relation to equipment, « Road to Exile » extends the many affixes of « Diablo 2 », and fosters a new system which consists of own item trading and Orb system. Although not as subtle since the rune language of Diablo 2, it’s also playable. At duration, whenever you can rely on your strength to win amongst people, you’re going to get a lot of POE Currency.

The operation and combat modes in the game are competitive with before, and also the graphics and gameplay are already considerably optimized and adjusted in comparison with Diablo 2.

Skill Gem System

The core of action adventure games always requires two things: refreshing and powerful skills, plus a variety of high-priced POE Items. In the path of exile, skills shall no longer be tied to professions, and skills become an item-skill gems baked into equipment slots gives players the opportunity to use this skill.

A multitude of auxiliary gems can further strengthen these skills. You can transform your fireball to bounce between enemies, or cast multiple scattered fireballs immediately. A skill is strengthened by around five auxiliary skills at once, along with the rich skill gem combination brings an entirely different experience.

Because the grade and connection with gems are independent and many gems are hard to obtain, these are very valuable inside the trading market.

Talent system

The most impressive thing concerning the road to exile is its huge talent system. 1384 talent points are associated with each other and universal for all those professions. Depending on the class chosen through the player, the kick off point for talent is slightly different. Players can decide talents that happen to be closer on the starting point in the career, or talents in other professional blocks to blend powerful talents owed to their own style.

In the talent system, there are many « core talents » walking in each and every corner. The choice of these « core talents » will vary the direction on the player genre.

Buy POE Orbs can even be inserted in the talent system. Orb’s attributes allow players to greatly adjust the talent effect. Some jewels may even increase or modify the effects of nearby talents.


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