All the skill tags within the road of exile is usually divided into 25 types in whole, including common skills tags including attack, spell, fire, cold, lightning, curse, and aura. It also includes uncommon tags including melee, totem, trigger, chain, displacement, etc.

Take the « Ice Blast » skill to give an example, the skill tags in this skill are attack, range effect, and frost. It can also improve quality by 20%. Increasing the coffee quality of POE Items can improve the damage, effects, etc of the skill stone. Different skills have different effect bonuses after strengthening the standard.

There are 4 tags for Ice Blast, now how do I plug him inside a secondary skill stone? First of all, you can see that the auxiliary skills are labeled.

Melee physical damage tags are melee, assist, and attack. Pair it with Ice Shock tags. Then there are 3 tags: Quick Attack, Amplify Range, Weapon Elemental Damage, Corresponding Attack, Range, and Frost. Also take notice of the mana consumption rate. After connecting these Buy POE Currency, the mana tariff of each active skill is multiplied with the mana consumption rate with the auxiliary skills.

Pay awareness of the skill icon. After the auxiliary skills are connected, a colored letter label can look corresponding to which color auxiliary skills are connected. If you do n’t view a small colored letter label when you finally connect a clear auxiliary skill, it implies that your auxiliary skill is invalid with the skill you might be using. Of course, there has to be enough slots on the equipment, and also the slots need to be properly connected. After the correct connection, it might effectively increase the current strength of players, and help players read more POE Currency within the game.

There are a couple of common auxiliary skills within the path of exile: Curse Aura, Spell Totem, plus much more. In addition, the halo will also be assisted. The halo can be labeled. When the aura is opened, there’ll be magic reserve, for example hate the aura, retaining 50% in the magic itself is half the purchase price. Of course, we must take note of the aura’s chaotic support skills. If players can’t maximize their ability due to the deficiency of POE ITEMS, it is suggested to go to MMOAH to acquire skills gems which might be suitable for you, and you may also buy other pursuits cheaply!


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