The mage can guide snowstorms, deal damage to enemies, and restrict their movement. If the enemy tries to continue the attack, the mage can instantly reduce them to meek sheep. Powerful mages can even improve their skills and create arcane portals on their own, assist their teammates in increasing their intelligence, and speed them through the world.

Only the most intelligent and disciplined of the apprentices can embark on the path of the mage. The mage’s existing arcane spells are both powerful and dangerous, so they are only revealed to the most loyal practitioners. To avoid affecting spellcasting, mages wear only armor, but they have a magical shield and magic for additional protection. To keep the enemy at arm’s length, the mage can summon a fire spell to attack a distant target, causing a range fire burst and incinerating the enemy.

One of the main characteristics of mages is their ability to do ranged damage, although it costs a lot of mana. But it can do a lot of damage at an amazing speed in a short time. You can also expand the spell’s range to attack an existing enemy in a large area, even if the enemy is too late to escape. Not only that, summoning blizzard, firestorm, and spell blast, the mage can effectively attack many enemies at once. After killing the enemy, the mage gains valuable Cheap WOW Classic Gold.

There are a lot of advantages for the mage, so there are actually a lot of players who choose this character. It can summon things and water and cast attack spells on a large scale. However, there are advantages as well as disadvantages. Mages are vulnerable to certain situations and are easy to kill. Moreover, many of the powerful armor in the game is impossible for mages to use, so mages can only wear the lowest armor. So the mage needs a strong ally to protect him when he attacks.

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