Étiquette : Madden 21 Fastest Quarterback


I believe fans all know the importance of speed in football matches, and the same is true in Madden 21. If you can have a very fast QB player when forming the theme team in Madden 21, then your team’s offense will be more threatening, because QB players can also dribble the ball to the scoring zone like WR players. Let us now take a look at the fastest QB players in Madden 21.

Baltimore Ravens-Lamar Jackson

The fastest QB player is of course Madden 21 cover player Lamar Jackson. I believe gamers all know this. His 96 speed and 96 acceleration make all teams have to pay attention. Although he is a QB player, it has the speed of a WR player, which also makes him more threatening on the court.

Arizona Cardinals-Kyler Murray

The second fastest QB player in Madden 21 is Kyler Murray, QB player of the Arizona Cardinals. He has 91 speed and 94 acceleration. Although his overall rating in Madden 21 is only 86OVR, his speed and acceleration properties are well deserved and belong to the top level.

New Orleans Saints-Taysom Hill

Taysom Hill is a substitute QB for the Saints. His overall rating in Madden 21 is only 67 OVR, but he has a speed of 90 and an acceleration of 89. During the injury of Drew Brees this season, Taysom Hill played very well as a starting quarterback.

Arizona Cardinals-Chris Streveler

Arizona Cardinals substitute QB Chris Streveler has a speed of 89 and an acceleration of 89, which makes him the fourth fastest QB player in Madden 21. Now his overall rating in Madden 21 is only 61OVR, let us look forward to seeing him show his speed on the field in future games!

These are the fastest QB players in Madden 21. If you like to use extremely fast speed to play, then these QB players are definitely your best choice.

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