When playing Madden 21, it was hard not to notice how much emphasis has been placed on the running game this year. It’s still not easy to win game after game on Madden. You need to know about the game before you can play it on a competitive level, which is where these Madden NFL 21’s Tips come in. So in this article aims to up your chances of flying through Franchise towards Super Bowl glory or hanging in tough games against some of MUT’s finest.

1. Be Kind To Yourself

If you’re finding games too difficult and opposition defensive schemes too watertight, then drop the difficultly a notch or two. Or, switch to ‘Arcade’ mode before going headfirst into ‘Simulation’. That opens things up and makes big, game-changing plays a more regular occurrence, and you’ll get a better feel for the passing game by going easy on yourself.

2. Know When To Scramble

This is handy to know for anyone who’s still struggling to bust open coverage when trying to sail passes into receivers and it’s very useful. All you need to do is hit L2/LT and watch as your QB pulls his arms down. Then, he’ll be able to move more freely and sprint faster than he would with that arm cocked to throw. Use this on long yardage second downs to have a better chance of creating room for receivers to run into.

3. Know When To Chew The Clock

Knowing when to chew the clock is key. Don’t try passing plays too much when there’s not a lot of time left on the clock and you’re in front of the scoreboard either. It’s better to spin out the clock with running plays rather than attempt that deep pass. On the flip side, pay attention to how well the AI uses timeouts and copy that strategy. You definitely don’t want opposition teams getting that ball back.

4. Use Devastating Jet Sweeps

Become accustomed early to the power of the Jet Sweep. In Madden 21, a lot of defenses don’t patrol the edge. The Sweeps take advantage of their laziness and can result in big yardage plays. When you’re on the other side of the ball, always spread your line if you think the AI or another player might be about to try a Jet Sweep. This is true for every sweep. That could be the difference between another 5-10 yards each play.

5. Experiment with RPOs

Run Pass Options add an element of mystery to proceedings. They’re a nice addition to the series, and they make it possible to fool players into thinking a bullet pass is coming when you’re actually planning a five-yard run through the rushing pack. It’s probably for the best that you hit the training field to try these out first. Or, put the game on the lowest difficulty and give it a try against weak defenses. If used reasonably, RPOs will open up your personal playbook.

6. Don’t Over-Rely On Skill Moves

Madden players have become over-reliant on skill moves to jink their way through tough defenses and gain a few more yards. When running with the ball, don’t mash buttons to hurdle, spin or juke for the sake of it. Hurdles are only effective at select moments with the best players, spins won’t fool every AI opponent and jukes must be initiated right as that defensive player goes in for the tackle. Knowing when to take a hit and protect the ball, or dive forward is important here.

7. Know Your Superstars

It cannot be emphasized enough that anyone who wants to be successful playing Madden 21 must figure out the new Superstars mechanic. That’s super-important because it’s tied to the 50 best players in the NFL and makes them a cut above the rest of the regular roster. So before picking a team, analyze which Superstars they have (and in which positions) and decide based on those factors.

8. Pass The Ball Quickly

The pass rush has been dialed up in Madden 21, and that means it’s more important than ever to hit targets quickly. Superstar players on the defensive side of the ball will find a way to sack your QB if you take too much time in the pocket, so don’t be too dozy. There’s no shame in taking five or six yards on a play instead of looking downfield for that deep killer route.

The above are the best ways you can get better at Madden 21 today! Master them that can be done to take your game to the next level. For more other tips, be sure to check here. Also, you can buy madden 21 mut coins here. It’s cheap, safe and fast. With these coins, you will craft the perfect side!


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