The location and space of the hoistway of the home villa elevator are very particular. The hoistway location space determines the elevator and door opening size. It is a good plan to install an elevator in the middle of the stairs.

1. It can be used in the middle of the stairs, in the corner of the wall, and outside. It is better not to block the passage in the middle.

2. Use the door opening width to reverse the hoistway width, and use the top floor height to reverse the car height.

3. The recommended load capacity is 3-4 people, 225-320KG, and the inner size of the car is 0.8-1.0 square meters. The relative load capacity of the area can be larger than that of the passenger elevator to increase comfort.

Villa elevators generally have flexible civil construction equipment, divided into two series, civil construction shaft and frame structure, with hundreds of specifications. The frame hoistway adopts aluminum alloy frame, and the glass guard is decorated outside, which has a sightseeing effect. The architectural requirements of villa elevators are relatively simple. The minimum depth of the pit is only 50mm, which is convenient for architects to design and layout; the top floor height is at least 2600mm; it can be installed indoors and outdoors; the building wall does not need to be reinforced with special design, which greatly simplifies the elevator’s civil construction Requirements. The villa elevator does not need a dedicated machine room, only a space that can be placed and the control cabinet is enough; better building utilization: compact and reasonable structure design, the ratio of car area to hoistway area can reach 64%, the largest The use of hoistway area. Apply today’s international new technology, new materials, new technology, long-term use, no oil leakage, no pollution, and effective safety and reliability compared by freight lift manufacturers.


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