The levelling isn’t fast enough. It’s not a secret that the fact that it was created that way, but I don’t like it. It’s an Hunter class, and the levelling isn’t as good as WOW TBC Classic Gold it should be for a class that has an extremely high DPS. I’m not getting enough mana or damage, as well as gold. Due to my limited mana pool, I cannot kill every mob. Once I have killed a mob, I have to stop the killing to replenish my health and mana. There are only a handful of viable skills that allow me to survive and take on harm, but I am sure it will improve over time, but I am starting to doubt that maybe I’m not going to stick with WOW long enough

You’ll almost have to play as a hunter to get up. Be sure to are proficient in all areas. Install a threat gauge so you can feign if you will be close to getting aggro from your pet. This is an old-fashioned. It’s not a wise idea to spamming all the fights. My alt hunter enjoyed a smooth experience. It is worth recognizing that you may need to send your pet to the vet. Then, only auto-shot for a handful of mobs until your body’s mana regenerates itself. My hunter just puts in the hunter’s mark, serpent’s sting and I send my pet in for over half the mobs. The only time I really burn through mana is if I were to accidentally pull too many mobs , and then need to use some cool downs and traps. Make sure to keep in mind that if your hunter has been increased, you’ll find it difficult to replace the majority of the gear used in communal play.

The levelling is slow. It’s not a secret that it was made to work that way however, I don’t enjoy it. I am playing as an Hunter and it seems that levelling with buy TBC Classic Gold it isn’t as good as it could have been for a character which has a great DPS in the future. I’m not getting enough mana, damage, and gold. I am constantly dying, I can’t kill one mob at a time due to my limited mana pool. So once I kill an enemy, I have to be able to stop and gain health and mana. I have only a couple of viable skills that let me survive and to deal with injuries, and I’m sure that it will get better later on, but I am starting to wonder if I’m not going to stick with Wow for long enough.


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