Vaginal Speculum Mould technology is a technology dependent on medical instruments and equipment, with accuracy and precision. In clinical practice, the surgical cavity is stripped through a small incision, and the endoscope lens and various instruments are inserted to complete a series of surgical operations, such as: incision, stripping, electrocoagulation, washing, suture, repair, etc., are all monitored by the naked eye. The operation is performed under the screen, instead of the traditional operation under direct vision of the surgical field. At present, endoscopic displays have been widely used in various inspections and microsurgery.

The endoscopic camera system takes laparoscopic surgery equipment as an example. The laparoscopic unit usually includes an endoscopic display, a camera host, a camera, a cold light source, an optical cable, an insufflator, and a high-frequency electrosurgical unit.

Advantages of vaginal speculum mould application:

1. The surgical incision is short, scars are less, and cutaneous nerve injury is less;

2. The operation is performed under direct vision, with clear anatomical levels, which can avoid unnecessary neurovascular damage under blind vision;

3. The operation damage is small, the complications are few, and the postoperative reaction is light;

4. Fast postoperative recovery, short hospital stay and less surgical pain.

Disadvantages of the application of vaginal speculum mould:

1. The operation time is long and the operation cost is high;

2. A lot of investment in machinery and equipment, and a long training period for technical personnel. Although there are still many imperfections in vaginal speculum mould, it has advantages that traditional Three Way Stopcock methods cannot match.


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