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  Choose the right curtain length

  In any room, curtains are an important visual design element, and the length of the curtains has a great visual impact on the feel of the room. You do not need to place the curtain rod directly above the window, nor do you need to place the bottom of the curtain end on the window sill. The closer the hanging curtain is to the ceiling, the higher and more spacious the room feels. The same is true where the curtain hem hangs under the window sill.

  Before using the tape measure, you need to understand the feel of the room. If your house has two-story large rooms, curtains can create a beautiful appearance.

  We have already seen treatments that extend all the way down to the floor above the top window, which is ideal if you want a more formal appearance.

  Dramatic floor-to-ceiling curtains work well in rooms that already have high ceilings. However, shorter ceilings require more traditional curtains to make them feel warm and comfortable.

  When trying to make a small room bigger by adjusting the length of the curtain, please hang the curtain rod high, but make the lower part rest on the windowsill. Try to avoid the hem of the curtains touching the floor, especially if you use heavier fabrics, as this will make the room feel crowded.

  Choose the right curtain color

  Like all decorative aspects in the room, the color of the curtains should “become a style element of the space” to help achieve the space tone you need and use it with other design elements. When choosing the right color for the curtain, first decide whether to pop up the curtain or blend it into the background. Afterward, review your existing palette and consider what aspects of that palette help to achieve the desired look.

  If you want the curtains to stand out, look at the accent colors selected for the palette, and then choose the main color. (If you paint the walls in bright colors, neutral curtains (especially white linen) can give off a beautiful effect.) For curtains that blend into the background, please check the neutral background color of the palette and choose Those who can frame the window without looking at the background color of the window is too exaggerated.

  When choosing curtain colors, remember that sunlight will fade them. Bold patterns and bright colors tend to fade faster than dark ones, especially on delicate fabrics. If you like bright colors, consider hanging curtain cushions between windows and curtains to prevent fading and protect the curtains.

  Decorating a new house is fun, but when it’s time to choose curtains, you might want to buy some available curtains first and install them, just to say that you have completed the project. Eliminate this feeling of decorative burnout, because the long-term benefits of finding the perfect curtain for your home will shine every day. Our website is:https://www.qsf-group.com/product/curtain-fabric/


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