EquipmentAnother cheesy Maplestory M Mesos way you can get your gear for a score of 1500 is only purchase all your stuff from the Black Market, Every gloomy equipment is at least 15-30k mesos, but that is if you’ve got enough mesos for that and I advise saving your mesos for prospective events. And that way you can bring yourself closer into

accessing the 50 soon as you have accessed the lvl 50 dungeons you’d want to clear dungeons 10 times every day to 30 times weekly to get as much equipment as you can. Making attempt to turn all of your equipment on your stock to Blue (Blue signifies exceptional, which is far better than the Green gear that you have in

your early MapleStory 2 match ). And, if you have any Epics which aren’t weapons then you should equip them. Till you get Onyx Crystals & Catalysts to enhance your equipment keep farming Maplestory 2, there’s no Scrolling system or it doesn’t have the identical enchantment system such as in GMS. (The First

MapleStory 2 match ). What you wan na na do MaplestoryM Mesos is get even and at times Onyx crystals Chaos onyx crystals to enhance your equipment.There are two kinds of weapon enhancements:The very first one: you have a set opportunity to pass the enhancement with the rate decreasing with the more enhancements you have.The second one

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