There are more and more LCD screen electric tv lift now, how to choose LCD screen TV lift, then you must understand the development history of LCD screen TV lift, then you will better choose the product that suits your own LCD screen lift.

First at the beginning. The LCD TV lift is a chain drive mechanism. Its disadvantages are unstable lifting, heavy oil pollution, high noise. When the elevation angle is adjusted, a low-power DC motor is used, overloaded, and the motor is easy to burn out. The repair rate is high. The whole lifter uses three A single motor completes all actions, so the structure is complicated, the manufacturing cost is high, the failure rate is high, and the maintenance is difficult. It is very rare now in the market.

The second is the second-generation LCD TV lift. The movable door is controlled by another motor. The failure rate is usually three times that of the entire system controlled by one motor. It is currently an obsolete product on the market. We do not recommend that you choose to use it. The third-generation LCD screen lifter is a lifter with a steel ball track structure. The whole system uses one motor to complete all system functions. It has a reasonable structure, low cost, reliable quality, no oil, ultra-quiet, and low weight. Not easy to malfunction. Currently, products with this structure are mostly used abroad.

One of the most commonly used applications is the aluminum alloy panel TV lift, which has the functions of waterproof, anti-pinch, and stable transmission. Eliminates the shortcomings of chain and rack elevator oil pollution and unstable transmission, the whole system does not need to refuel. The noise during transmission is relatively low among all the elevators, and the aluminum alloy panel elevator will not be as small as a DC motor, and it will not be used with overload, and will no longer have the problem of easy burnout of the elevation motor. This Electric Lifting Column is currently New domestic and foreign TV lifts.


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