Étiquette : stand up desk manufacturer


Sitting and working for a long time will put pressure on the cervical spine and lumbar spine, and may have frequent backaches. The stand up desk manufacturer can solve this problem. The standing desk can be adjusted in height freely to achieve sitting and standing alternates. , Have a new office experience.

The installation of the standing desk is generally very convenient. There will be detailed installation instructions in the manual. The accessories are also very complete. The desk legs and desk frame are made of cold-rolled carbon steel, which is very compressive; fixed by screws, heavy and heavy solid.

First, let the desk legs be placed according to the distance, and at the same time fix the middle support rod with screws. Then use screws on both sides to fix the support rod and the lifting bracket, and install the drive shaft, which is the key part of the whole machine. The entire installation process only needs to follow the steps in the manual.

The standing desk has only one motor, which is matched on a desk leg. The motor has leakage and power failure protection, high power output, which is convenient for the desk to rise and fall while ensuring safety.

Screw holes are reserved on the bottom surface of the desk. One is used to install the lifting control box under the desk; the other is to store all the parts and circuits under the desk to make the visual effect cleaner.

The appearance of the electric lifting desk is also very fashionable, pursuing minimalism, and the bottom of the desk leg comes with a non-slip pad, which not only makes the desk stand more stable, but also protects the floor from being scratched. The desk and the bracket are aligned and fixed according to the corresponding screw holes. Install the adapter and fix it under the desk with screws. Finally, you need to install the control panel according to your own habits.

Different from the fixed height of the traditional computer desk, the standing desk can realize height adjustment, alternate sitting and standing, care for the spine, improve work efficiency, and meet the needs of different heights and different people. When the standing desk is raised and lowered, the sound is very small and does not feel very noisy; and the standing desk is lifted and driven by the motor balance drive, and the lifting process is uniform and stable.

Using the lifting desk, regardless of height, it can be adjusted to the most comfortable height, breaking the traditional desk users can only passively adapt to the height of the desk. This kind of adjustable desk manufacturers is very suitable for sedentary office workers. It can relieve the back pain caused by long-term sitting and standing. The user can choose the standing desk to stand or sit and cross use according to their needs. Relieve fatigue.