What is the function of the electric standing desk telescopic device in the lifting table?

The height of a traditional desk is generally fixed, but due to the different heights of users, it will cause inconvenience when using desks of the same height. An inappropriate height may affect the health of the user and the efficiency of the office. An adjustable height desk is extremely important.

This kind of electric lifting table can be adjusted to the most comfortable height by touching the controller switch according to personal height or willingness. The electric lift table is composed of electric lift table, lifting column set and other components. The lifting column set is the core component of the electric lift table. The electric lift table height adjustment function can be easily realized by the lifting column set.

lifting column set can choose electric lifting column set. The electric lifting column set is a new type of electric lifting device developed to realize the lifting of various intelligent furniture working platforms. It is mainly composed of electric push rod device and control device, telescopic jacket and other components. The electric lifting column set has the characteristics of low operating noise, large telescopic range, stable operation, beautiful appearance, simple installation, convenient operation, etc., and its cooperation with the controller can realize the arbitrary height adjustment of the electric lifting column set in the lifting position, which can meet the lifting of intelligent furniture products. Need for height free adjustment. Therefore, the electric Lifting Column is an ideal lifting column set.



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