NBA 2K21 Next Generation on Xbox collection X is, as its name suggests, the next-gen version of the first game which was released in September 2020, of which we reviewed on Xbox One fairly favorably. Here the team of developers has built a new variant of NBA 2K21 MT the game for the new console, working from the bottom up. But honestly, from the get-go, it is going to be the visuals which stand out. The next positive thing for your next-gen version is found at the loading times. In the previous generation, it felt like a life waiting for those loading screens. But whilst it’s not instantaneous, it’s very fast indeed and you’ll quickly be getting down and involved in the playing of a match before you know it.

There’s no getting away from it, NBA 2K21 appears fantastic, from the way the person players move across the courtroom to the glow of wood in the spotlights. The player models look fantastic and are highly detailed in everything they do; if that be skirting round the courtroom, getting involved in parties, or listening to the trainer in a timeout. There’s also a great sense of realness, energy, and everything feeling alive, with the arenas you perform in vibrant. Crowds look real and the air seeps from the sidelines so much you could almost smell it. Movement feels smooth and easy as well, with the developers having worked on ironing out delays in measures, and it just feels more dynamic to playwith. The odd glitch and strange bit of movement from the players kick in sometimes, but that appears to be off the court in timeouts rather than in the drama.

The next generation of consoles also provides you more control over the way the players proceed. There have been slight adjustments to the shot control as well as layup release, providing you the maximum influence you ever needed in shooting the ball into the ring. Ball handling and physics also have changed, being enhanced to be much more realistic, providing you more accurate trajectory arcs for the long threes. The more complicated movements that come with the improved controls also introduce new animations. More advanced players will be able to display their abilities with how they flick the control sticks. Even the pressure and speed of your flick will matter — enabling players to pull off slick tricks on the court. The next-gen versions of NBA 2K21 additionally allow for finer control of your player. As a result of the more sensitive controllers, you’d be able to earn very incremental movements. You’ll no longer go a whole foot away if you just wanted to step-back to approve of the arc. There’ll be no more accidental turns that usually destroy plays, ending in turnovers.

Enhancing the physics of NBA 2K21 also improves body collision, thanks to the new effect engine. Now, you will not be gored with a driving opponent and be shoved across the paint just as they have high dunking stats or Posterize. Collisions will make more sense, in addition to Cheap MT 2K21 how bodies react to force and momentum. No longer standing jumps moving just due to a driving opponent. For screens and charges, there’s a brand new charging system which will prevent people from exploiting charges. Many players had complaints regarding charging is a bit broken in 2K20, so that’s been mended here. Screens should function as intended now, which makes on-court plays more effective. Similar changes in how charges work will also affect the potency of displays.


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