These three freshmen may be the highest-rated players in the league when you take all these variables into consideration. They could be worthy of to Mut 22 coins be considered when Madden 22 is released.

The top offensive line player in the NFL draft this year, Sewell comes into the Motor City as an instant player on the newly acquired quarterback Jared Goff’s blindside, and is a candidate to be a long-term All-Pro at tackle. With a height of six feet five and 340 pounds and with an 86th percentile of performance in the bench press (according to Mockdraftable) Sewell enters the league as a formidable physical force, which could contribute to high power, strength, and block impact ratings.

Allowing only one sack through his two seasons at Oregon will help boost Sewell’s overall as well his pass block skill and footwork Madden 22 ratings are expected to be the best of any rookies in the class. Sewell is the most highly-drafted tackle after Baltimore’s Ronnie Stanley, who had an Madden 17 decrease of 79 overall. Sewell’s outstanding performance across all physical categories as well as his outstanding college performances as a pass blocker means that Sewell ought to be drafted a bit higher and will prove to be an important construction block for players who want to make a Madden 22 franchise mode dynasty.

The best overall prospect of the class of the year’s draft, Atlanta is adding Pitts to Matt Ryan’s arsenal of aerial talents and joined fellow first-round picks Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley. While drafted as buy Madden nfl 22 coins a tight end, Pitts’ slender six-foot-six body and speed (his 4.44 second 40-yard sprint places him in the 98th percentile for tight ends, per Mockdraftable) make him nearly 


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