There are many types of TV lifts, and different tv lift have different characteristics.

1. Fixed TV lift.

This category is the most basic TV lift. This kind of TV lift can realize the function of « hanging up » the TV, which can save space and improve the safety factor of the TV. However, the fixed TV elevator looks like a simple superposition of two steel sheets, but it is not without any technical content. After installation, it is necessary to ensure that family members, especially children, will not cause the TV to fall off or break when moving the TV. In addition, a level can be used for installation, which can help to a certain extent to find the horizontal position during installation.

2. Primary function TV lift.

The primary function TV lift is based on the fixed TV lift, taking into account the needs of some TV users, adding the adjustment function of the depression angle and the elevation angle. This kind of TV lift has a certain inclination adjustment range. This can to a certain extent alleviate the visual fatigue caused by watching the screen for a long time at the same angle. At the same time, the most suitable viewing angle can also be adjusted according to the user’s own sitting, squatting, lying, and standing positions. But the primary function TV lift still has great limitations.

3. Professional function TV lift

From the appearance point of view, the product structure of the professional-grade functional TV lift has been greatly upgraded. The subversive design of this type of TV TV lift is based on the adjustment of the up and down tilt angle, the left and right corner adjustment function of the TV, and the telescopic function of the viewing distance from the wall to the close body are realized. When this kind of automatic tv lift is installed, it cannot be installed too close to the wall, especially in the wet weather.


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