The term “abrasive media” is most often associated with harder, manmade materials such as steel shot or grit, silicon carbide or aluminum oxide. However, certain metal finishing applications require a softer, less abrasive material that can deliver the desired result without the risk of damage to the substrate surface.silicon carbide wholesale

Crushed black walnut shells offer a softer, gentler media blasting alternative to these harsher materials. Specifically intended for use in dry air blasting applications, walnut shells are a lightweight, angular media that will effectively remove topcoats while leaving undercoating intact.

Prior to the introduction of walnut shell media blasting, metal finishers typically had to resort to stripping coatings down to the bare metal and completely replacing the under-coatings and topcoat. Walnut shell blasting eliminates the need for these costly, time-consuming processes.


Stripping and cleaning of castings and moldings

Deburring plastics and die castings

Cleaning of metallic surfaces on automobiles, boats, bridges and buildings

Cleanout of aircraft engines and steam turbines

Enhancing the porosity of grinding wheel and ceramics in burn-out applications

Deflashing electronic components

The combination of light weight, angular design and relative softness makes walnut shell blast media an excellent choice for the deburring, cleaning, deflashing or stripping of softer substrates such as plastics, wood, fiberglass, aluminum and various composite materials. The walnut blasting process is compatible with air and wheel blasting as well as tumbling.


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