Curtains play a vital role in controlling the natural light entering your room. Inadvertently awakening by strong sunlight in the morning can damage your sleep style, and dark living areas with limited light can be frustrating in the long run.

  Therefore, when choosing fabrics for curtains, it is important to first understand whether to minimize or make full use of the natural light through the windows. Before deciding on curtain fabrics, you should understand 3 main terms: blackout, dim, and transparent.

  Blackout fabric

  As the name suggests, the blackout curtain fabric will completely block outside light from entering through the window. If you are a sleeping person and like to wake up in the morning in an almost completely dark room, then blackout curtains will be your best choice.

  The blackout curtains have a special lining to prevent any light from penetrating, and the blackout curtains are also perfect to provide you with the ultimate privacy when peeking because you can’t peek even at night when your room is brightly lit.

  Dark fabric

  Dimout Fabric is one of the most common choices for curtains. Unlike shading fabrics, Dimout Fabric allows some light to pass through. When exposed to light, the curtain will emit light. Especially if the selected fabric has a pattern, this effect will be particularly beautiful, because the sun will illuminate the design, resulting in a charming appearance.

  If you are a sleeper and like to wake up to filter the sunlight softly, then Dimout Fabric is your ideal choice.

  Transparent fabric

  Among the 3 curtain fabrics discussed here, transparent fabrics have the least resistance to light, almost completely blocking or even no sunlight, while still providing you with a certain degree of privacy. Generally, if you want to get the most natural light without leaving the windows exposed, sheer fabric is usually a very thin, lightweight, and mesh-like material, which is a good choice.

  Sheer tulle can also brighten your room while creating a refined and romantic atmosphere. After all, nothing can be said to be soft and elegant, just like the gentle wind billowing from transparent curtains. Although light or neutral tulle is usually a safe choice, you may also want to consider choosing a bold tulle to add vitality and distinction.

  If you are looking for a perfect combination to maximize the use of sunlight when you need it, while still maintaining a dark room when privacy is required-use sheer gauze with shading or shading fabrics for complete control Shine into your room. In addition, layering two different types of fabrics will also make your windows deeper and more timeless.


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