World of Warcraft Death Knight

Death Knight’s Information

    When the Lich King lost control of the death knight, the former supporters of the Lich King revenge for the terror oppression that they had suffered under his control. After winning the battle of revenge, the death knights found themselves with no goals and no home. They have gradually entered the mortal territory to find new targets.

    Frost has intensified their attacks, blood has enhanced their physique, and the undead body has allowed them to provoke evil anger in the fierce battle. The death knight’s eyes have witnessed thousands of atrocities, and the enemies who bravely look at these eyes will feel the warmth being pulled away from their bodies, replaced by steel-like coldness.

The Death Knight engages in close combat with the enemy, uses dark magic to enhance the weapon, and uses evil forces to damage or weaken the enemy. They pulled the enemies into one-on-one battles and forced them to shift their attacks on weaker companions. In order to prevent the enemy from escaping from their control, the death knight must be careful to use the power of their summoning runes and attack them appropriately.

    Type: tank, melee damage output

    Standard Bar: Life, Rune, Rune Energy

    Available armor: Cloth, Leather, Mail, Plate

    Available weapons: one-handed axe, one-handed hammer, one-handed sword, long-handled weapon, two-handed axe, two-handed hammer, two-handed sword

    Races that can be selected: all basic races except the Pandaren (excluding the league races that were added after the Legion invasion)

Representative skill

    Death entanglement: Consuming runic energy, dealing damage to enemies, or dealing with a nearby undead target (usually a ghoul). After using the glyph, you can also create a shield that absorbs damage to non-dead friends.

    Death Grip: Pull the target to the death knight and force it to attack the death knight for a short time.

    Withering and fading: Corrodes the area designated by the Death Knight, causing Shadow damage.

    Summon Death Horse: Allow the Death Knight to summon a Death Horse, and complete a series of missions.

    Spiritual Strike: Uses the power of Shadow to deal damage to enemies while recovering the health of the Death Knight.

    Frozen Road: Allow death knights and their teammates to walk on the water.

    The army of the dead: awaken the power of death and summon a large number of undead servants to attack the enemy.

    Frozen skills: set goals. When the spell effect disappears, give the target a trapping effect.

    Blood Aura: Increases the damage output per second while recovering a little life for the Death Knight during the attack.

    Blood Strike: Inflicts varying degrees of damage depending on the number of superimposed effects of the disease on the target.

    Blade Strike: Inflicts damage and increases the effect of disease reduction for the target.

    Freeze thinking: interrupt the spellcasting.

    The death knight’s initial level is 55. Basically, any race other than the panda can kill the knight. After creating the death knight, the player can learn about the new class and its background story through a series of tasks.

The death knight can be a tank or melee damage output character.

The death knight uses a rune system in combat, for a total of six. Consuming these runes allows the death knight to cast spells and abilities. Different spells need to consume a different amount of runes, and the consumed runes will cool down, similar to skill cooldown. This rune can no longer be used until the end of the cooldown.

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