Essay writing is an integral part of academics and so every student has to write many essays in their schooling and college life. In academics, essay writing is important for getting good marks in examinations so every student must learn how to write an effective essay.

There are a few rules of essay writing. Five out of those are as follow:

Write an Essay in an Essay Format

In academics, writing formats matter a lot. You cannot write an essay in a story writing or article writing style. If you do so, your written essay will not be considered an essay. So, make sure you write your essay in the appropriate format and that is essay format. You can also take help from essay writing services if you have any confusion about essay format.

Your Essay Must Have Introduction, Body, and Conclusion

An essay must have an introduction, main body, and a conclusion part. This is the right way to articulate an essay. Yes, you can add more segments to your essay as per the quantity of content you have. But you cannot exclude anyone of intro, body, and conclusion parts.

An Essay Must Tells the Fact-Based Information

Before starting writing your essay, keep in mind that the essay is all about sharing fact-based information. It will help you write your essay in the right way and effectively. 


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